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Food Startup Solution

FoodCongnics provides food consultancy services in india, While innovation flows freely in every industry, from time to time the media latches onto a particular tech wave or flavor. One of the most lucrative and untapped markets, ripe for disruption and familiar to every one of us is FoodTech.
We provide 365 days handholding services to early or mid stage foodtech start ups for their needs for feasibility, business planning, fund raising, product innovation, scale ups, regulatory

Food consultancy services in India

Food consultancy services in india

Business Plan Preparation

We understand start ups need different business plan than corporate which should be more focused on innovation, defining products, business objectives and team profile. We help start ups to create effective business plan for fund raising.

Registration & Regulatory ( Legal )

Start ups needs different regulatory compliances which consumes most of time of an entrepreneur. FoodCognics take care regulatory compliances such as FSSAI licensing and complete food safety.

Food consultancy services in pune
Food consultancy services in Maharashtra

Product Development & Costing

Our innovation consciously working on different products and ingredients this experience will surely help start ups for product development. We also help in complete operation management, selection of raw material and vendors which can result into cost saving.

Packaging Designing & Branding

Packaging has become high tech; it is no longer just a box or a bag that gets a product into a supermarket and then home onto a consumer’s shelf. The main objective of food packaging is to ensure the safety of the product and preserve it in good condition for the anticipated shelf life. The package should also minimize product losses (waste) throughout the food handling and distribution chain.
We help manufacturer to design packaging method systems capable of delivering the food to the consumer with the level of acceptable quality and at the same time attractiveness.

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