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In these economic times, money problems can happen to anyone. Financial stress can be all consuming. So you took an online loan out. It was quick. It was easy. And you needed the money. But you could never pay it off. So you just paid the fees. Again and again and again. You paid hundreds, even thousands of dollars in fees. And you still owed the original $300! Then something else happened and you needed another loan. And then another. You're stuck in the online loan trap. Hundreds of dollars every two weeks with nothing to show for it. Remember - ads sounding 'too good to be true' are often scams or companies taking advantage of people in financial crisis. It is important to know who to trust for advice that helps you. But you came to the right place. We will get you out. Every day we counsel people just like you on how to stop the bleeding, how to take back control of their paychecks and get out of the online loan trap once and for all. And we do it for much less than you are paying those online lenders. Our counselors talk with you during a FREE debt counseling session and explain how we: Help you create a realistic budget that you can live with. Come up with a plan for repaying ALL of your creditors. Tell you which scams to avoid.

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